Mitochondrial Rx CALM

Mitochondrial Wellness Rx CALM is uniquely formulated to support the immune system. With a one-of-a-kind combination of specially selected ingredients, it is made to work synergistically with POWER and REPAIR.

Balance and strength are brought to the immune system by taking CALM through the following:

Flavonoids are ubiquitous in plants, and humans can ingest large amounts in their diets with very positive effects.

Studies of flavonoids have shown them to have antioxidant properties, properties that support normal cell growth, properties that help to maintain a normal inflammatory response and properties that encourage a healthy immune response.  

Flavonoids can minimize the adverse effect on our cells from free radicals. We are all exposed to free radicals in the forms of stress, electromagnetic radiation, pollution, and excess sunlight. These free radicals are molecules that have lost an electron, which makes them unstable and reactive. Free radicals require another electron to become stable, and this is achieved by oxidizing health cells. The antioxidant properties of flavonoids neutralize free radicals. The counterbalances the negative effects, rendering them ineffective in the ability to damage our healthy cells.

Beta Glucans
Medicinal mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides and beta glucans. Many species have been studied extensively. They are known to be very helpful for environmental sensitivities, supporting a healthy immune system, have properties that encourage normal cell growth, increase vitality and longevity, and increases adaptive capacity.

Protective for the eyes, Lutein reduces the light-induced oxidative stress that can lead to macular degeneration.

Lycopene is beneficial for protecting us from the sun, supporting cellular health, and maintaining the health of the heart. It is a colorful antioxidant which protects cells from damage.

Grape Seed Extract
Grape Seed Extract is a powerful antioxidant rich in proanthocyanidins known for fighting oxidative stress. It supports a healthy inflammatory response, helps to maintain normal blood pressure levels, promotes healthy circulation, promotes good bone health.

Bilberry Extract
A rich source of antioxidants, Bilberry Extract is known for supporting a healthy inflammation response. It helps to support normal cognitive function
as you age, may relieve occasional digestive upset, promotes good oral health,
supports normal heart function, helps to maintain eye health and encourages stable
blood sugar levels. It supports blood vessels and tissues containing collagen. It strengthens collagen containing tissue and blood vessels.  

Binds with potentially harmful substances to keep them from harming the body and prevents their uptake. Decreases oxidative damage.  

~Portions of the above text taken from The Fast Way to Slow Down Ageing by Sheri Dixon

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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What Formulations Should I Start With?
For maximum benefits, Dr. Kucera and Sheri Dixon highly recommend starting with all three of the Mitochondrial Rx line of nutraceuticals at the same time. They are synergistically designed to to be taken together. The best choice is to begin with a two-month supply.  


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