Slow Down Aging with Mitochondrial Therapy with Sheri Dixon


Mitochondrial Medicine Pioneer

Sheri Dixon joins us to discuss mitochondrial therapy and how rebuilding your mitochondria can improve your health when everything else fails.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

• Why everyone is so tired and having health issues today
• What are the signs that people’s mitochondria are not working properly
• What key element people are missing when they’re trying to get better
• How the mitochondria wellness system Sheri uses is different and more effective than others

About Sheri and her Book

Sheri is a team member of Mitochondrial Wellness and her diverse experience in the field of Mitochondrial Therapy has given her a unique perspective on the challenges of the ageing process, and how it impacts our quality of life.

Mitochondrial Wellness uses the very same protocols and principles taught by Dr Kucera and Sheri Dixon mentioned in "The Fast Way To Slow Down Aging" to ensue the very best results for our clients. Mitochondrial Wellness is excited and proud to have Sheri as a member of our team.

This book is an introduction to the cutting-edge field of Mitochondrial Medicine, and anti-aging. It is written in an accessible format and will inspire anyone to take back control of their health, slow down the processes of ageing.

The aging process is inevitable. No one can escape it. However dentures, aching joints, wrinkles, impaired hearing and eyesight can be managed. If surgical lifts, injections of Botox and fillers are not for you or have not produced the desired effects, this book may hold the key to some promising solutions.

You'll discover: The cause of 95 percent of all health challenges; the miraculous effects of a little-known anti-aging nutrient discovered by the Russians over 100 years ago; how to protect yourself from these debilitating diseases - heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and dementia; how to move from degeneration to regeneration; how to widen the gap between your chronological age and your biological age.

Take control of your health to ensure that the second half of your life is superior to the first.

Sheri has worked closely with Dr. Michael Kucera in his UK mitochondrial therapy practice since March of 2010. Dr. Kucera is an experienced orthodox medical doctor and a leading pioneer in Mitochondrial Medicine. Dr Kucera has been affiliated with the Russian Mars 500 Project and the Russian scientific space medicine research of Prof. R. Baevsky, and Prof. Berseneva, at the Institute for Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.


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Mitochondrial Therapy® was created in 2010 by Sheri Dixon, and MuDr. Michael Kucera. It is a health system guided by certified Mitochondrial Therapy® practitioners

that is designed to improve energy-yielding metabolism in the body, general health, resilience and performance.

A Mitochondrial Therapy® practitioner consultation includes a heart rate variability (HRV) test over a period of just 5 minutes. The test is non-invasive and performed whilst relaxing in a chair. HRV testing does not diagnose any medical conditions.

As part of our unique Mitochondrial Therapy® programmes, we often also recommend food supplements that help to support various functions in the body with a view to improving health, resilience and performance.