Dr Michael Kucera

Mitochondrial Medicine Pioneer

Dr Kucera is the medical doctor who originated the idea of using Mitochondrial Medicine as a basic therapeutic tool.

Dr Michael Kučera is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mitochondrial and bioregulatory medicine. He was awarded the prestigious IMMA 2000 by International Mitochondrial Association Medicine (IMMA) for his contribution to clinically relevant research.

Dr Michael Kučera worked closely with the Institute for Bio-medical Issues of Academy at Sciences of Russian Federation, namely with Prof. Dr. R. M. Baevsky. Dr Kucera and Dr Baevsky were responsible for the health and wellbeing of all the cosmonauts in the Mars 500 Project and the Russian Space Program.

Through his groundbreaking research in Mitochondrial Medicine, Dr Kucera developed the nutraceuticals that show promise in numerous studies for repairing and rehabilitating damaged mitochondria.  


Dr Kucera has spent 30 years building expertise in mitochondrial medicine, developing a range of specific nutritional supplements to help repair damaged and inefficient mitochondria.

These supplements have shown to be effective on the body’s regulatory systems. He has seen extraordinary results across a broad range of disorders, improving heart health as well as supporting immunity and improving stress resilience.

Dr Kucera has spent many years teaching both doctors and other health practitioners how to correctly use these supplements as well as how to use innovative and specialized Autonomic Nervous system measurement (co-developed by him) to assess a patient’s stress vulnerability and Regulatory system status.

Mitochondrial Wellness aims to bring this knowledge of mitochondrial repair medicine to doctors and Health Care Practitioners to expand this ground-breaking area of medicine making it more accessible to a greater number of people across the globe.


The International Mitochondrial Medicine Association - IMMA Award-2000
Extraordinary Clinical Relevant Scientific Efforts in the Area of Mitochondrial Medicine

Curriculum Vitae

​Mars 500 Project

Dr Kucera's Groundbreaking Interviews

Mitochondrial Therapy backed by Russian Space Medicine

Dr Michael Kucera interview with Wendy Myers

In this video you will meet Mitochondrial Medicine Pioneer Dr Michael Kucera. He discusses how Mitochondrial Medicine can support the body to battle against disease, improve athletic performance and support the immune system. This is one groundbreaking interview you will not want to miss!


Dr Michael Kucera interview with Dr Eccles

This is one groundbreaking interview you will not want to miss!


Dr Michael Kucera interview with Dr Eccles

This is one groundbreaking interview you will not want to miss!