pdf.gifSystem Securing: Integrity of Organism

Organism integrity, internal environment stability, homeostasis and homeodynamic.

pdf.gifStress: Influence on Health

Stress – influence on health – management with help of mitochondrial medicine – autonomic nervous system – adaptation – heart rate variability.

pdf.gif“Active Air ” Inhalation Therapy: Autonomic Regulation Mechanisms with Use of Heart Rate Variability Analysis

Active Air inhalation demonstrates significant influence on the autonomic nervous system and its regulatory efficacy by eliciting a marked increase of efficiency of regulatory systems.

pdf.gifHRV Analysis under the usage of different electrocardiography systems

Methodical recommendations. These methodical recommendations are prepared according to the order of the Committee of Clinic Diagnostic Apparatus and the Committee of New Medical Techniques of Ministry of Health of Russia (protocol №4 from the 11-th of April, 2002) by the following authors: R.M.Bayevsky (Chair), G.G.Ivanov (Chair Deputy), L.V.Chireykin (Chair Deputy), A.P.Gavrilushkin, P.Ya.Dovgalevsky, U.A.Kukushkin, T.F.Mironova, .A.Priluzkiy, U.N.Semenov, V.F.Fedorov, A.N.Fleishmann, M.M.Medvedev (Secretary General)

pdf.gifCoenzyme Q10 in tables

Important data about CoQ10 in graphs and tables.