What are Stressors & Trauma,

..and why they are so harmful?

Detect Your Hidden Kryptonite

Everyone is exposed to a variety of harmful environmental stressors throughout his or her lifetime. These include Structural, Chemical, Emotional, Electromagnetic, Spiritual, and an Unclassified category. These 6 categories are listed on the wheel displayed on this page. Any of the stressors found in these 6 categories not only cause inflammation, negatively impacting the mitochondria on a cellular level, but they can also negatively impact the body on an energetic and biochemical level. 

Everyone's biochemistry is different, so will everyone's environmental stressors be different and the degree of reaction that body has to these stressors will be different.

Besides causing inflammation that damages mitochondria function, the negative impact from these stressors also negatively impacts the light emissions from the chromatin in the DNA. This disrupts cellular biochemistry, cell to cell communication, and proper regulation of the body's biophoton field. All of which are regulated by light being emitted by the chromatin in the DNA. You can think of this as your light metabolism.

If the body's biophoton field/light metabolism is not regulating properly, then the body's biochemistry and biology - which the biophoton field controls - will not be regulating properly either. The de-regulation of both the body's biophoton field and in turn biochemistry will cause a cascade of imbalances throughout the body, leading to poor performance and potentially poor health.

Through the impact of these stressors, the polarity of any one of the 13-axes found in the 13 individual Biophoton fields, may also be negatively impacted. This can cause the body to start accepting what should be bad, and rejecting what should be good. This condition can lead to severe fatigue and overall poor health.

The first steps in your journey to optimum health and performance are:

• Energetically releasing stressors, restoring proper regulation of the biophoton field and biochemistry
• Detect and remove hidden stressors from environment
• Repair and rejuvenate damaged mitochondria
• Promote mitochondrial energy by fueling up with the right foods, supplements, and healing modalities
• Produce new healthy mitochondrial through mitochondrial biogenesis